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Right Stuff is a leading portable event branding company and international supplier of portable event advertising products such as banners, flags, gazebos, kiosks and branded accessories. 

Our portable event branding products are designed to be lightweight and portable, specifically for promotions and events. All items are easy to set up, with minimal effort and time. Light weight makes them easy to transport. All of our branded products ensure maximum advertising exposure with the use of lightweight materials with a large printable surface area. All items are fully-portable and user-friendly, and do not require specialised technicians to install or assemble. Most items are single-piece units with no loose parts to misplace or configure. Their value is in their simplicity – anyone can assemble / construct them in minutes!

We regularly add to our already extensive product range as we believe that fresh ideas and innovation are key to any flourishing business. Our patented Dart Ad Banner® has proven to be a highly successful outdoor branding item, its key feature being the fact that it is an attention-grabbing three-dimensional rotating banner. If you cannot find a specific item in our catalogue, please contact us so that we can assist you in either sourcing it for you or referring you to a known reputable supplier.


What We Offer

Right Stuff is a marketing and product development company specialising in indoor and outdoor event advertising products


    Our products are manufactured from high quality materials, ensuring that the end-user is satisfied with a professionally made product.


    Our products are designed with portability in mind, specifically for promotions and events. All items are easy to set up, with minimal effort and time. They are lightweight and easy to transport.


    Due to the nature of promotions and events, we are aware that branding needs to be economical. We can assure our customers that the best possible price is applied to our range of products. 


    Customer satisfaction is our priority and we therefore take great pride in providing excellent after-sales service, from start to finish and beyond!


    We are known for our product development, our best-known product being the Dart Ad Banner. In order to keep things fresh, we strive to think of new ideas in terms of our product range.

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