DART AD BANNER: single-sided

The Dart Ad® multiplies your brand exposure with its 4 print panels. The Dart Ad® Banner is a highly visible, three-dimensional, unique rotating advertising structure which is a real attention-grabber. Ideal for displaying both outdoors and indoors and comes with either an outdoor spike or an indoor stand. Easy to put up and supplied with a bag for maximum portability. Single-sided print per panel - print on one side of each fin.


Dart Ad Banner – Single-Sided

The Single-Sided Dart Ad Banner ® multiplies your brand exposure with its 4 print panels. At a height of 2m, this patented product is custom-branded, lightweight and eye-catching. It has four double-sided wind-driven rotating panels, providing eight printable surfaces.

A range of additional hardware options complement the Dart Banner, including an indoor stand, outdoor spike, gazebo clamps and spinning wall mounts.

The rotating motion of the Dart Ad Banner ® draws attention to your brand. Several adaptations have been developed to allow the Dart Ad® to be used in different ways, thereby expanding your advertising options. The Dart Ad® can be attached to gazebos using specially-developed clamps. The addition of movement in the form of rotating Dart Ads® enhances visual impact of your gazebo.

The Dart Banner ® can also be mounted on walls at an angle using wall mounts. This means the Dart Ad® can be used on shop-fronts or buildings to draw attention by communicating your message in a unique way.

Due to the Dart Banner’s rotating action, it is also referred to as a Spinning Banner.


  • Outdoor and indoor events
  • Route branding, eg. grand prix, marathons (highly attractive in groups)
  • Trade Shows
  • Exhibitions

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  • Wind-propelled rotating motion
  • Patented and registered design
  • 4 print panels (fins)
  • Single-sided print per panel – print on one side of each fin
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Substantial print surface
  • Carry bag included (2m x 0.2m)
  • Any artwork design
  • Size:
    – 2m x 0.85m (including pole)
    – Panel width: 0.85m


  • L 220cm x B 20cm x H 10cm
  • 10.65kg

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