Add a printed tablecloth to your next promotion!

Our custom printed tablecloth is available for any type of event. It is an accessory which complements your display stand and aids in the projection of a professional image. Its large printable surface area offers a substantial branding opportunity at a very low cost.  The physical size and visual impact of such an item provides the greatest value for money.

Our reusable digitally printed tablecloth is custom printed using UV resistant ink. They are custom printed with artwork of your choice and are suitable for all types of events, including instore promotions and food and beverage launches. 


  • Exhibitions and trade shows
  • Wine tasting events
  • Eye-catching accessory
  • Substantial print surface area
  • Easy to use
  • Attractive
  • Any design and colours
  • Sizes:
    – 2400mm x 1200mm
    – Custom sizes


  • 30cm x 30cm x 20cm
  • 2kg

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