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13Dec 2015

Right Stuff Summer

How would you describe Summer?

The salty coconut oil-fragranced air. The summer sun promising days of endless frolicking in the warm Indian ocean. The happy sound of children’s holiday laughter. Tanned bodies, beach games, the occasional unfortunate blue bottle sting, melting ice-cream dripping onto the golden sand, the lingering smell of pink candy floss and toffee apples. These are some of the timeless experiences that occur each year during the summer holidays. These are the experiences that have dated back to as far back as some of us can remember.

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30Sep 2015

Food SamplesLet’s be honest – who doesn’t indulge in the occasional tidbit on offer at in-store promotions during a monthly grocery shop? I think many of us can agree that those morsels of delicious snacks and treats taste surprisingly good, particularly if you’ve skipped breakfast in your mad rush to get to the shopping mall before everyone else. And what makes those little bite-size meals even more heavenly is that somebody else made them!

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10Jun 2015

The redesigned Vending Trolley brings portable vending and brand promotion closer together with its new super compact, lightweight and unique design. Gone are the days of lugging around a large, heavy and cumbersome cart. With the new Vending Trolley, manoeuvrability is a key feature. Regardless of the type of event, the sleek and compact design makes getting around a lot easier. Continue reading

20Apr 2015
Boy SuperheroThink back to when you were little – as far back as you can remember. Can you recall wanting to be “big”, wanting to be a grown-up? Right throughout our childhood, we would have found ourselves WISHING that we could be OLDER, BIGGER, TALLER, STRONGER. Because being just the way we were as little ones simply wouldn’t do!

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26Mar 2015

Advertisements everywhere….

On a daily basis, we are bombarded with advertisements / advertising messages from hundreds, or rather, thousands of sources. We are so overwhelmed with the influx of marketing information saturating our brains that we have adapted our minds to switch off to most of them – at least on a conscious level – in an effort to save our sanity at times!

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09Jun 2014
Join us at the Sandton Convention Centre from 10 to 12 June 2014 for the annual Markex Exhibition. You can find us at Stand B38, Hall 1
25Apr 2014

Traditional banners have by no means “left the building”. The good old standard rectangular wall banner with eyelets is alive and well and thriving despite the barrage of newer state-of-the-art banners of late. The versatility of PVC banners is virtually unlimited. They can be used anywhere and for any purpose.

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15Apr 2014

Our Solar-Powered Budget Internet Cafe converts from a single kiosk into a double-room by extending it’s side wall to form the roof of the second enclosure (the Internet Cafe). This versatility is achieved by adding awnings to the elevated side wall. Al items are included in the package.

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23Jan 2014

The demand for 3G connectivity in rural areas is growing rapidly. Statistics from Nigeria and Kenya at Davos 2014 indicate that “every 10% increase in broadband penetration in any given population delivers a 1.3% increase in GDP to a country, as long as the cost of broadband does not exceed 5% of an individual’s income.”

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02Dec 2013

It is found just about everywhere and is commonly found in items that we as consumers use on a daily basis. We’re talking about aluminium. Its strength, flexibility and exceptional lightness make it the perfect material for use in manufacturing of items where these features are necessary and of benefit to the end user. Continue reading

21Nov 2013

Your year-end events are just around the corner and you’re yet to place your orders for branding. We know the feeling!

Which is why we’ve made the order process so much easier for you, with everything you need in one place. A quick visit to our SPECIALS page will provide you with all our current specials (reduced pricing on all items listed) and you can also view our featured special offers here:
Banner Wall and Concertina Gazebo.

15Oct 2013

Research has shown that the average African citizen spends $2 per week charging their cellphone. With the solar power now offered to patrons free of charge at Spaza Kiosks, this saving will mean patrons are able to spend this money on other items on offer such as what is available at the kiosk. For example, airtime, refreshments, etc. Therefore the return on investment is substantial and fairly quick.

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24Jan 2013

The all-new 2.4m square Easy-Up Cost-Effective Gazebo lives up to its name in terms of affordability and value-for money, whilst not compromising on quality. Fully digitally-printed, this new product is made using an aluminium and steel frame, with a UV-Resistant waterproof top.

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13Dec 2012

The rural Spaza Shop Kiosk is the perfect all in one solution for all retail business, allowing for placement wherever the dealer sees fit. This semi-permanent Rural Spaza Shop Kiosk is fully enclosed with a point-of-sale serving hatch which is protected by a galvanised security fence, shatterproof glass windows and tamper-proof bolts ensuring high security yet still allowing for portability.

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26Nov 2012

Our latest product offering leaves you spoilt for choice with not one, but three options to choose from. Each of these kiosks is designed with portability and brandability in mind. Our Promoshop Kiosk, Quick Kiosk and Rapid Kiosk are more than equipped to fulfill your requirements.

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21Sep 2012

Right Stuff was honoured to assist in advertising the efforts of the Energy Movement programme this year. The Energy Movement is a programme exploring viable methods that can be employed by both industry and public to decrease their carbon footprint and effect on the environment.

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20Jun 2012

Right Stuff has teamed up with Kom Braai, an innovative cooking show on Top TV, for an exciting prize giveaway. Up for grabs is one of two Samsung Galaxy Tablet PCs. To enter simply find us on Facebook, like our page, comment, share and win. The more times you enter, the better your chance of winning!

25Apr 2012
Right Stuff was at the forefront of advertising for the Nedbank 4me Lifestyle Launch at Sandton City on 21 and 22 April. Right Stuff’s unique Portable Change Room, sponsored by Edgars, along with its innovative Stacking Cubes, sponsored by Nedbank, were among the A-list of advertising used for this massive event.

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01Sep 2010
A very successful Markex took place from 24 – 26 Aug 2010 at the Sandton Convention Centre. Right Stuff exhibited in the new “World of Events Hall” – SA’s showcase of suppliers to the special events industry. The atmosphere in the SCC halls were electrifying and there was a constant buzz from the excited visitors and students making their way around all the new and exciting products.

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17Aug 2010

After the successful branding and activation of the Durban FIFA Fan Fest and PVA’s during the World Cup, Right Stuff is now moving on to two great exhibitions. It is with great pleasure and excitement that we are exhibiting at Markex 2010 as well as SignAfrica 2010. Both of these shows take place at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg during August and September respectively. Continue reading

13Jul 2010

A joint venture between Right Stuff and The Ventures Group resulted in the successful branding and activation of the FIFA Fan Fest and Beach Festival in Durban. Banners, umbrellas and signage were placed along the promenade at Durban beaches, as well as along the piers and within the Fan Parks themselves. Right Stuff was awarded the contract by Black Pepper Consortium, and as with tradition, have prided themselves on providing their best service and quality products. Continue reading

21Nov 2008

If you’ve ever been in a position where you’ve had to plan a sports event and requested quotes for several different items from different suppliers and the associated effort and potential headaches involved, you’ll find our new Sports Event Kit a welcome relief. Continue reading

21Nov 2008

Following our successful exhibition at the Australian Events Expo in May, where you were probably given a free sample of Hoodz Peaks, we are showcasing the product to highlight the benefits of utilising it. Continue reading

15Apr 2008

We previously introduced you to our exciting new Hoodzpeaks, specially-designed patented visor attachments for peak caps, which provide extra protection from the sun by extending over the ears and sides of the face. Now Hoodzpeaks are available in plastic as well as laminated paper, giving you the option to choose what suits your needs and budget.

14Mar 2008
There is clearly an unrelenting demand for umbrellas in the commercial sector, as can be clearly seen in their extensive use at outdoor café’s, beaches and sporting events. It therefore comes as no surprise that we offer a product which not only exceeds the expectations of our clients, but also fulfils the urgent need for value for money. In other words, if you’re going to buy a product, buy one that’s built to last – you don’t want to be replacing it in a few months’ time due to substandard craftsmanship.

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14Mar 2008

As you know, the Linear Stand is a dynamic display system which can be set up in a variety of configurations to achieve the desired effect. It is the next generation of showroom stands, which doubles as a banner display as well as a product holder. Continue reading

28Jan 2008
Right now there are millions of people out there, particularly in South Africa, who are cursing the harsh heat of Summer. Despite being a favourite time of the year for most, sans aircon, the Summer sun can be your worst enemy. Continue reading
22Jan 2008

With every New Year comes new challenges, opportunities, new jobs, perhaps a new school for the kids… as well as the inevitable (and usually dreaded) PRICE INCREASES. No matter what, you can always be assured that one or more services that you subscribe to will send you a letter or e-mail advising you that, despite their greatest efforts (hmmm…), they have no alternative but to increase their fees for the new year… just like last year, the year before that, and the year before that one. Continue reading

03Jul 2007

The annual Durban Beach Festival is well under way and is attracting thousands of visitors, despite the gale-force winds which erupted over Durban over the past weekend. The weather has returned to it’s normal bright and sunny skies, weather for which Durban is known as having the best in the country.

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31Jan 2007

This is a new, innovative method of branding – the use of block-out material obviates the use of two frames sewn together. The system comes in various sizes and there is a single or double-sided option available. The Pop Right Open proves to be far more versatile and compact than similar products that are currently on the market.
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13Jul 2006
Outdoor branding has become a necessity due to the competitive nature of the business. And as with television and Internet developing further with broadcasting of major events, companies are spending large amounts of money on outdoor advertising to ensure that their brand is visible. Continue reading
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